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Standard-titers: potassium

Potassium carbonic potash 1 grade / 2 grade
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Potash - K2CO3 — normal salt of potassium and carbonic acid. Potash - white crystal substance, well water soluble. The old name of salt - potash, from here the English name of potassium - potassium. Potash — one of the most ancient salts known to people. K2CO3 — normal salt of potassium and...
Group: Potash
Technical potassium chloride
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Potassium chloride is a tiny crystals of greyish-white or fine grains of various shades of reddish-brown.<div> <p>Potassium chloride is mainly used in agriculture as a fertilizer, part processed on hydrate potassium bertoletovuû salt, potassium carbonate, etc. compounds used in various...
Group: Potassium chloride
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Group: Potash


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